Best Tips for Pest Control Prevention

Are you stressed with cockroaches, rats, mice or other pests in your environment? Are you familiar with ways to keep them out for good? Pest enjoys places such as corner around your house. Pest can affect your health and also that of your family if you are not keen enough.

Note: These pests welcome themselves into your home both during colder or hot season.

Block entry or any access point

Make sure you close your entrances and windows tightly and ensure there is no gap that any pest can enter. Repair any holes in your screens if there is one. Replace weather stripping when required as weatherproofing is highly encouraged as it will be useful lowering utility bills.

Stagnant water is discouraged.

Standing water is breeding ground for mosquitoes, an invitation for mosquitoes to build a palace near your house. Ensure there is no standing water collecting in your foundation. Preferably install the French drain and pump on the inside if possible.

Kitchen cleanness is important

Keep out pest such as insects by cleaning your utensils daily, sweep your floors, clean any food debris, wipe your table and store food in its respective places such as plastic containers and refrigerators. Make your kitchen clean and offer no peace in your kitchen instead let them search find treasure far away from you.

Eat your fruits in time

Ripe veggies and fruits such as pawpaw invite fly uncontrollably. Just don’t allow such to occur on your counter because it’s hectic removing them. Ants’ lover’s leftovers, so storing food in Tupperware is the best option possible.

Landscaping around the house

Vegetation around your home should be trimmed to avoid overgrowth. To discourage pests, you can as well install a perimeter of crushed rock a few feet from your roofline. Trees and bushes should be shaped, short to allow air circulation around your home .if not weeded; it is the best place for rodents and their nests.

Proper store of firewood

Termites are lovers of firewood hence it should be stored away from the house or not store firewood against your house wall or your foundation. Instead, put your wood in racks five inches off the ground and about 20 feet away from the building

Use a pest control service

Hiring a licensed pest control technician is the best idea ever. He/she will help you conduct an inspection of your home and give you preventive techniques to curb your problems. You should check their resume and be sure you are indeed dealing with the right people insured, fit licensed, promising, friendly and knowledgeable.