Answers You Should Get From an End of Tenancy Cleaning Service

Are you thinking of engaging an end of tenancy cleaning service? Indeed, this is a smart consideration since a professional cleaning crew can take a big load off your shoulders. A cleaning crew does the job first time right. You are better guaranteed of the job passing the landlord’s inspection and getting your tenancy deposit refund. The trick then lies in getting the right end of tenancy cleaning service. There are several questions to ask candidate services other than just the end of tenancy cleaning prices. Here are some questions you should be asking an end of tenancy cleaning service.

How is the pricing done?

Some cleaning services charge by the hours spent on the job. Some charge per square foot while others charge by the number of rooms cleaned. It is important that you get the way the end of tenancy cleaning prices will be calculated to avoid misunderstandings when it comes to payment time.

What is your off-limits list?

Cleaning services usually have a list of tasks they can’t handle. This is the off-limits list.  Almost all house cleaning services will not handle hazardous waste like toxic chemicals because they don’t have the safety kits to handle it. Many will also keep off cleaning blood and human waste. Others will not move heavy furniture or clean the kitchen. Ensure that you know what the cleaning service will not handle. Ideally, end of tenancy cleaning should involve cleaning the whole house from top to bottom.

Do I need to supervise the cleaning?

While many cleaning crews will not mind your presence when they are working, they will mind being micromanaged. But it is also easier when you are around because you can point out anything or place that needs special cleaning.

What if the job does not pass inspection?

Sometimes a cleaning crew will botch up the job, which fails to impress the landlord. This can be a crew trying to cut costs by deploying too few people on a big job, or one that does not have the needed cleaning equipment and materials.

What happens if the cleaning job fails to pass the landlord’s inspection? Who will pay for the repeat job? Does the cleaning service offer a guarantee that the job will be done right the first time, and offer to repeat if that does not happen? Make sure you check end of tenancy cleaning prices before choosing the right company.

It is important to get these answers to avoid a prolonged dispute with the landlord on one hand and the cleaning crew on the other.


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